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Honeycomb type PVC magnetic writing board is the one of our company’s production line, which is set up for toys industry.

This production line's capacity is 100,000pcs per month. The main material of this product is Non-Phthalate PVC and magnetic fluid. All materials pass toys toxicity testing, EN71, ASTM, and RoHS.

This product has serve for a number of world-class toys company. The color has black, red, blue and green. The size (length x width) is from 50mm to 400mm.

The edge of drawing board can be punching, cutting and so on. You are welcome to provide customize size and drawing

The advantages of magnetic writing board produced by Earth Magnets are that deep black writing lines, smooth continuous line, no oil-spilled. The colors are black, white, 4C and 6C for your choice.

The magnetic writing board has passed some tests as below:

72 hours of UV light doesn’t become yellow.

under the temperature from -10゜C to 50゜C, 48-hour hot and cold testing

toy Safety Standards testing EN71,RoHS and USP51,61