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1. Injection Molded magnet
Injection Molded Ferrite magnet
Injection Molded NdFeB magnet
Injection Molded SmCo magnet
Injection Molding design& production
2. Laser Printer magnetic Roller
3. Compression bonded magnet
4. Sintered NdFeB magnet
5. Sintered Ferrite magnet
6. Sintered SmCo magnet
7. Sintered Alnico magnet
8. Magnetic writing board
Honeycomb type
Amazzing Magnetic drawing sheet
9. Flexible rubber magnet
Flexible Ferrite magnet
Flexible NdFeB magnet
Fridge magnet processing

Flexible NdFeB Magnet is a soft bonded permanent material. It is used rubber as bonding and NdFeB powder as filling material, mixed with addition. It is a composite material that is produced by using advance rubber-manufacturing technology.

This composite material has better magnetic and mechanical properties. It can be made as rod-shape, slice-shape, ring-shape and so on. At present, the largest energy of NeFeB Rubber Magnet can reach 68kj/m3 (8.5MGOe).

It is 5 times as much as Ferrite Rubber Magnet. The range of operating temperature is from -40℃ to 120℃.